Creating awareness with PR and Marketing

Smart start-ups with innovative ideas, disruptive approaches and digital business models are now in greater demand than ever. But how do start-ups manage to enter the stage of their industry, compete with established competitors and gain their own market share? In brief: How does a start-up manage to be truly successful? An important and indispensable tool for success is communication. Only PR and marketing can raise awareness of a brand, win the trust of customers and the public and establish the company in the long-term. Scale Now develops coherent and individual communication concepts for its portfolio start-ups that promote growth and increase brand awareness.

Our Services

  1. Communication

    • Press relations
    • Content
    • Press network/distributors
    • Media training
    • Clipping
    • Newsletter
    • Internal communication
    • Preparing presentations
  2. Marketing

    • Branding
    • Brand identity
    • Storytelling
    • Campaigns
    • Developing various content and online formats
  3. Trade fairs and events

    • Strategy
    • Organisation
    • Implementation
    • Speaker placement
  4. Social Media

    • Strategy
    • Content
    • Personnel branding
    • Advertising and campaigns

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