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Venture Building – our
Concept ­of success

Why support is important in the start-up scene

More than ever, we need courageous founders and innovative solutions that play their part in solving the challenges of our time – both large and small. Be it climate neutrality, cyber security or simply the digitalisation of existing business processes to survive in the market – our world needs digital transformation more than ever before.

However, founding and building a company or developing a new product are still demanding tasks, and as in the past only very few start-ups establish themselves in the respective markets. More than 90 percent of them fail.

Below we identify the most common reasons for failure:

  • Lacking market demand and no existing demand for the product or service
  • Poor business planning and execution
  • Lack of capital and financing
  • Insufficient knowledge, expertise and experience of the founders and team
Carsten Erklaert

Venture Building

Carsten Puschmann explains what makes the Venture Builder Scale Now so special

On the road to success with us

In the first step, we evaluate market opportunities and the start-up potential. If we identify the idea as forward-looking, we validate and optimise the existing business model. We work with the agility of a start-up so that our portfolio start-ups operate efficiently and act quickly within a very short time. Our start-ups are early-stage, either pre-seed or seed stage, from the cyber security, proptech, B2B tech and food tech sectors.

Scale Now GmbH starts precisely at these points. As a venture builder, we see ourselves as a strong strategic partner for our portfolio start-ups and at the same time are firmly integrated in the daily operational business. Our start-ups benefit from our wealth of industry experience as well as our capital input.

This is venture building with Scale Now

The Scale Now Services

Identifying new business models

We evaluate the potential behind the idea, taking into account the current market situation and future trends.

Capital input

We minimise the risk of our portfolio start-ups by way of our capital input (risk financing).

Team building

We support our portfolio start-ups in building their teams via our recruiting experts and find the right professionals.


We enable the founders of our portfolio start-ups and help with the management of the company.


We connect the start-ups with relevant stakeholders from politics, business, media and culture and help to identify suitable cooperations.


Last but not least, we duly celebrate the successes of our portfolio start-ups with all team members.

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