Focus on business development

Business development plays a particularly important role in start-ups in terms of strategic orientation. In the early phase, it is a matter of analysing market opportunities, establishing new business areas and developing the company further. In addition to the basic challenges, business development in start-ups often faces special difficulties. New players are usually characterised by high dynamics. It is not uncommon for company goals, potential business areas or entire business models to change very quickly, in particular in the initial phase. This is where Scale Now’s Business Development Team provides crucial assistance.

Our Services

  1. Digital Trans­formation

    • Analysis of digital opportunities and challenges for the company
    • Development and implementation of a digital transformation strategy
    • Integration of digital technologies and processes to increase efficiency and customer experience
  2. Market research and analysis

    • Comprehensive market research to gain market insights
    • Analysis of target markets, customer needs and competitive landscape
    • Development of sales and marketing strategies
  3. Business development

    • Identification and development of new business opportunities
    • Evaluation of growth potential and development of business models
    • Building partnerships and implementing innovative approaches
    • Identification of potential strategic partners to strengthen business growth
    • Evaluation of cooperation opportunities and negotiation of partnership agreements
    • Building and maintaining long-term strategic relationships with partners
  4. Sales optimisation

    • Analysis and optimisation of sales processes
    • Implementing effective sales strategies and methods
    • Training the sales team to increase sales efficiency
  5. Product­ development

    • Analysis of market and customer needs to identify product development opportunities
    • Developing new products or adapting existing products in line with market requirements
    • Testing, validating and launching new products on the market

Contact ­Persons

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Andrea Cörper

Head of Business Development

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Jan-Niklas Ziwes

Business Development & Personal Advisor

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